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2017 Will Be Hobo Heaven!

I learned about the Hobonichi Techo a couple of years ago but never acted it on it. I fell down the traveler’s notebook rabbit hole instead…

I love traveler’s notebooks. They are the ultimate in flexibility while still being able to have everything in “one book.” The ability to put different types of inserts together into one notebook cover allows you unlimited customization options. The drawback: having to purchase multiple inserts throughout the year as they get filled up. And not only do you have to buy multiples throughout the year, you’ll have to have a storage solution for all of the completed inserts unless you aren’t planning to document your life. Then you can just toss the used inserts.

Thus we have the deal breaker for me…

It isn’t so much the expense of purchasing multiple inserts throughout the year — they really aren’t that expensive. Totaling up the yearly cost of the inserts for me about equals the cost of any of the popular planner systems that are available (Happy Planner, Erin Condren, Filofax, etc.). It was more the storage of the used inserts that concerned me. I already hoard art and stationery supplies. I don’t need another set of items to have to stow away. But it wasn’t until I had used the traveler’s notebook regularly for a year before I discovered this “problem.”

Then I remembered my interest in the Hobonichi Techo.

So at the end of September of this year, I really started researching the Hobonichi. I mean really really researching:

  • Hobonichi vs Traveler’s Notebook
  • Pros and cons of the Hobonichi’s layout
  • Pros and cons of moving to a true “one book” solution
  • How to move my bujo practice from TNs to the Hobo
    • Would it work
    • What it would look like

And now I have found Planner Nirvana… I have blogged before about finding Planner Peace in the traveler’s notebook. And I did have planner peace. I thoroughly enjoyed the flexibility and the bullet journal-ability of the TN layout. I was in my happy place. Until the fateful day when I was changing inserts for the second time that year and was faced with about 12 inserts total to figure out how to store and stash. (I have about 6 inserts in each of 2 different TNs and I have a third TN that has 4 inserts.)

In comes the Hobonichi Techno and it’s holding hands with my new friend, Planner Nirvana. How so? Because in the same book I can bujo and visual journal, just like in a TN; however, at the end of the year I will only have ONE book to store, and not 50+ inserts. Yeah, yeah I know: the TN inserts are small and thin so ideally shouldn’t be a hassle to store. But that actually makes them more of a hassle for me because I can’t put them on a shelf in the bookcase and be done. They are too small to stand alone and awkward when using a book end to keep them from sliding.

A Hobonichi, on the other hand, is one book with a stiff cover. It can stand alone on a bookshelf and works as any other book would when using a book end. But there are so many other pluses:

  • Tomoe River Paper – the gold standard for fountain pen users like me!
  • 450 pages or so in one thin and sleek streamlined volume.
  • It takes watercolor and wet mediums with little to no bleedthrough.
  • It has all the sections you would ever need (and probably ever get in a TN insert) —
    • Yearly overview
    • Monthly pages
    • Weekly pages
    • Daily pages
  • Even though a structured planner, it still has all the flexibility needed for the bullet journalist…

2017 will be my first time using the Hobonichi. How then do I know it’s “Planner Nirvana?” Because I purchased a Stalogy notebook in September as a holdover — the Hobonichi has a January start. It was too near the end of the year to just say fugg it and buy a hobo to use. Then I took my Stalogy and set it up just like the Hobonichi Cousin is setup. Next step? Migrating my bujo from my TNs to my fauxbonichi and this is when the magic happened…

Taking my bujo and making it work in the Hobonichi Cousin is what really sold me on the Hobo. It took a bit of brainstorming and drawing it all out in my Stalogy before I came up with my master plan. And that master plan, my dears, will be what I blog about here on the Hobo Girl Blog!

-How I am using my Hobonichi as a bullet journal.
-How I incorporate ARTiculated Journaling.
-BuJo hacks that I use and more…

My undying thanks to the inventor of the Hobonichi Techo, Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shimbun, along with Ryder Carroll for his brilliant invention called Bullet Journaling. The Hobonichi Techno is a “Life Book” designed to be used as you see fit in your life. Bullet Journaling is a brilliant way to record the snippets of your life while also planning your days. Both were created to be flexible tools to implement as you see fit in your Life. The Hobo Girl blog is dedicated to showing others how these two simple tools can be customized to help you devise your Master Plan Life.


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