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Hobo Uses

As much as I love love love the Hobonichi, there is one drawback — the possible uses are endless!

I ranted and raved for paragraphs last week about TRP. I discussed the other features of the Techo such as the Yearly Index and Daily Pages. I spoke on how well fountain pens take to the page. However, I never talked about any of the many uses of the Hobonichi Techo. So this week, we talk uses…

  • Planner. Well, that was obvious! LOL
  • Bullet Journal. And an awesometastic one at that! Stick with me — you will see the light.
  • Tracker Journal. Use the Hobonichi as a health tracker, an exercise tracker, or to track any other sort of thing. You can track multiple things simultaneously in the same hobo too.
  • Diary or Journal. Self-explanatory…
  • Visual Journal. Use your hobo to keep a visual diary of your life. Everyday, draw and doodle the events of your day to have a keepsake of your life.
  • Mixed Media Journal. Collage, watercolor, paint, crayon, marker and more — all usable in the Hobonichi Techo.
  • Project Book. With the yearly/monthly/daily layout, the Hobonichi is ideal to track one or many projects.
  • Sketchnotes. A place to house all of your sketchnotes. Of course you can use it for regular notetaking too.

There’s so much more that the hobo can do! These are just a few of the ideas I have thought of for the hobo. However, a simple YouTube search will show you tons more ways in which the Techo has been put to use.

How do you use your Hobonichi?


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