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To Cover or Not to Cover? That is the Question…

The Hobonichi Techo is not a hardcover book. The cover is, however, stiff cardstock and very durable. Many go without covering their Techo. Many more pour hundreds of dollars into getting just the right cover(s) to complement their book. Covers, as well as Cover-On-Covers, are available through many outlets with the Hobonichi Store being the main source. There are something like 44 different covers available for the Techo Original & Planner alone…

Whether or not to put a cover on your hobo is a personal choice.

One, I believe, is dependent upon your use and handling of the actual book. If you are like me, you will carry your hobo in your purse along with various other supplies for it in addition to the normal things that are carried in a purse. Even when I’m not carrying my purse, my hobo is in a bag with a good supply of tools that I use with it. Therefore, my hobo is covered although not in a traditional cover from the Hobonichi Store. Their covers are nice, but nothing that knocked my socks off — especially at those prices. And the whole Cover-On-Cover thing would never be an option for me… To me they take a beautiful cover (from wherever purchased) and gives it a “cheap” look.  Besides…It’s an oxymoron to put a cover on a book to protect the book and then put a cover on top of the cover to protect the cover. Why not just make a durable cover which can be cleaned when soiled and call it a day?

But I digress…

I actually purchased two covers for my hobo. I use one on my Stalogy, which is the same size as the Hobonichi Cousin. This cover is a fabric cover which I purchased from the lovely store owner at Lunabluebags on Etsy. She was a delight to work with and was very responsive to my questions and customization requests. My second cover, the one that houses my Hobonichi Cousin, is a beautiful cover from Galen Leather. Nice, thick leather but not stiff. It will age and wear well. The link takes you to a blue cover, however I chose a red one.

Just like the TN craze of 18 months ago when we saw the rise of many faux traveler’s notebook cover makers, the same is true in the hobonichi world. Many of the same makers of “fauxdoris” also make covers for the hobonichi. Chic Sparrow, my absolutely favorite fauxdori maker for many more reasons than the exceptional quality of her leather and craftsmanship, now makes covers for the hobos from what I understand. Or at least the fauxdoris she’s making are being altered to work with the hobonichi.

I could spend nearly an eternity listing down quality makers of hobonichi covers…

Getting back to whether or not you should cover — again, that’s a personal choice. But if you answer the following question, you can best determine whether or not you will need a cover:

How hard are you on your books?

If you rag-tag your books up, I strongly suggest you get a cover. The covers are sturdy but they are not hardcover. If you handle your books with care and/or the book won’t travel with you daily or often, then skip the cover so you can have the pleasure of actually feeling book in your hands.


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