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Stickers, Stencils, and Stamps

My oh my. We’ve reached the slippery slope of decorating and doodling in your planner…

There are two distinct camps on this topic:

  • Those who believe a planner is for “strictly planning.”
  • Those who believe a page in a book — any book — is fair game for artful decoration.

Being the weirdo that I am, I stand firmly IN THE MIDDLE! As an artist, I absolutely frickin’ love the creativity of artists and doodlers alike who create such beautiful masterpieces in their journals. It would make me not want to write on the same page! At the same time, the author in me makes me in love with the minimalist strictly planning pages that are all over Instagram too. Just words on a page. Bliss.

As a middle hobo-Earth dweller, I choose to add bits of creativity to my pages without “overwhelming” the page with artful musings. I will use a couple of stickers and maybe some washi, or a stencil with some watercolors, or I may do some stamping and coloring. Weekend days may end up with a full fledged artistic endeavor since there’s not as much going on for me on weekends right now.

I have also taken to putting at least one kawaii style doodle on many of my pages. These help me to improve my doodling abilities while adding just the right touch of cuteness without overwhelming the page with art. And I am going to begin adding kawaii style doodles to the Monthly Pages as well, in the boxes of the calendar where there is nothing written or to be written. That will fill up any boxes in the monthly view which weren’t used in planning the month.

Where to Buy

I have taken to purchasing sticker flakes, which I get from Etsy. There is an Etsy Seller who sells 400 sticker flakes for some ridiculously low amount of money.

Washi I get from wherever I stumble upon it. Wal*Mart, Staples, even Home Depot… If it’s cute, it’s mine. Amazon sells the thin width that fits the height of the boxes of the graph paper. One line washi!

Stamps and stencils also come from many different sources. I order them off of Etsy and Amazon, pick them up at the craft store (Michael’s, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby…), and have a huge stash from my scrapbooking days.

There is really no set place to buy. Shop around and find the cutest things at the best prices. Etsy, Amazon, and Ebay are your friends! Do a Google search — you’ll find even more reputable sellers that way. If you haven’t joined any Hobonichi Facebook groups, do so. They are the BEST enablers and always know the best places to get the goods for your hobo! My only advice before you jump down the supply rabbit hole is to pay your bills first before you start looking. That way you won’t spend bill money on planner goodies because you will be THAT tempted…


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