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Conquering the Blank Page

Many of us are daunted by the blank page. We excitedly open our journals so ready to write and create and then nothing. We don’t know what to write or draw and we fear “messing up” the page…

FEAR can have two meanings:

  • Forget Everything And Run, or
  • Face Everything And Rise

Hobo Girl chooses to Face Everything and Rise, including the blank white page!

Monday’s blog post talked about stickers, stamps, and stencils. Three tools that can help you get started on your page. Within the article, I mentioned washi tape and today we use our washi to conquer the blank page.

20161127_175220Now my page is no longer blank. There is no fear of messing up — I’ve already put something down on the white space. From here, I can add stickers, drawings, doodles, or just begin to write. I can write normally or turn the page 90 degrees and write on the page “sideways.” I can do some hand lettering in some of the spaces I created and write in the rest. The possibilities are endless, as they were when the page was still blank.


Putting something down on the page — anything — automatically starts the creative juices in your mind and gets them flowing. You start to see what you can do with the page, where you’re going to write your gratitude, where to place your affirmation… You also begin to think about the words you will put down. How you want to ARTiculate that day’s memory. This simple step will set off a chain reaction within that will manifest beautifully without: on your page…

Grab your hobo and your stash of washi. Rifle through and find a tape or two that brings you joy and stick it down on a page in your Life Book. Now, allow the page to move to fruition by letting it come together organically. Don’t force it — write, doodle, stencil whatever you are called to do on the page allow it. You will be well pleased with the result.


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