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BuJo Ho’ing

This is NOT a solicitation… I’m not inviting you to go ho’ing! LOL This post is about bullet journaling in your hobonichi!! But before I explain how I bujo in my hobo, we must discuss Modules. This is something I didn’t go over in my post about Bullet Journaling…

In the original bullet journaling method, there were four Modules:

  1. Index. Pretty self-explanatory — it’s an index of the pages in your bujo.
  2. Future Log. This is where you plan future events/tasks.
  3. Monthly Log. This is where you plan out your month.
    1. The log page is an overview of what is going on in your month.
    2. Then there’s the task page, which is on the facing page and lists the actionable items for your month.
  4. Daily Log. This is where you plan your day.

Now the question is: How do I fit those modules into a preformatted, pre-dated planner type book? Continue reading “BuJo Ho’ing”

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Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling is not new to the planner/planning scene. It is a wildly popular way with which to both plan and document your life at the same time. Its popularity comes from it’s flexibility:

He [Ryder Carroll] sees this as an evolving, adaptable practice meant to be self curated as you determine what works best for you.

And not only did Ryder Carroll develop this hugely configurable system and offer it to us (for free no less!), he also encourages you to hack it! Ryder wants you to take his bullet journal system and use it as a foundation for your own personalized bullet journal system. Continue reading “Bullet Journaling”

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Trying Things Out…

As previously mentioned, 2017 is my first year in a Hobonichi. Because of this, I don’t quite know how I want to lay things out, other than how I will be keeping my bujo. Now that December has arrived and the Hobonichi Cousin has a full December Monthly Calendar, I have been playing inside my hobo and determining how I think I want to set things up.


Continue reading “Trying Things Out…”