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Trying Things Out…

As previously mentioned, 2017 is my first year in a Hobonichi. Because of this, I don’t quite know how I want to lay things out, other than how I will be keeping my bujo. Now that December has arrived and the Hobonichi Cousin has a full December Monthly Calendar, I have been playing inside my hobo and determining how I think I want to set things up.


In my Stalogy — the A5 notebook I’m using as a holdover until the new year starts and I can use my hobo — I created a monthly calendar like this one and then added the colored boxes to track my meds. In the Stalogy, I like the trackers a lot; but not so much in my hobo… December will be the only month I do my med tracker in this manner.

Then there are the post-it flags which help me plan my blog writing. I have 3 blogs! Truly the only reason I’m using the flags for now is because I’m still trying to plan out my editorial calendar. I don’t want to put too much on myself, so until I find my sweet spot I’m using flags so I can change my mind and move things around.


I moved the med tracker to the Weekly View and added a H2O tracker at the top. I’m not sure I like this layout either; so for now it’s the only page setup this way. The rest of this page is the meat of the bujo: it’s where the actual bulleted lists will reside. I’m thinking that I’m going to move the med tracker to the top of the daily pages where there are already 5 check boxes. But, we will see…

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These are just a few of the other Monthly Calendar pages that I have started to decorate. I’ve touched all of the monthly pages with at least some washi and a few stickers. I have also gone through and marked my pay days with a Sharpie Liquid Highlighter in green. No bleedthrough and ever so slight of a shadow on the back of the page!


Lastly, I have begun to set my goals for the first month of the new year. I have also included a very powerful quote on the first day of the year. A quote to motivate me and remind me not to complacent and stay “parked”:

The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking spaces.
~Will Rogers

I have to give credit to one of the people in one of the Facebook groups I’m in for the quote. However, it hit home for me and I felt it rather appropriate to put on the first day of the year. It will help me to remember to keep moving and not be tempted to park in a comfortable spot.

I really am enjoying experimenting in my hobo! And I’m surprised that I don’t feel upset, like I “messed up” the December calendar page or the Weekly Page spread that I don’t really bond with. They’re not messed up pages — they are steps on my road to layout love and I embrace them as such!

What have you been doing in your hobo to prepare for the start of the new year?



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