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BuJo Ho’ing

This is NOT a solicitation… I’m not inviting you to go ho’ing! LOL┬áThis post is about bullet journaling in your hobonichi!! But before I explain how I bujo in my hobo, we must discuss Modules. This is something I didn’t go over in my post about Bullet Journaling…

In the original bullet journaling method, there were four Modules:

  1. Index. Pretty self-explanatory — it’s an index of the pages in your bujo.
  2. Future Log. This is where you plan future events/tasks.
  3. Monthly Log. This is where you plan out your month.
    1. The log page is an overview of what is going on in your month.
    2. Then there’s the task page, which is on the facing page and lists the actionable items for your month.
  4. Daily Log. This is where you plan your day.

Now the question is: How do I fit those modules into a preformatted, pre-dated planner type book?

To which my answer is: Easily! Here’s how I do it:

  1. I use the Yearly Index pages as my bujo Index. The Yearly Index has 3 months to each page and each month has their dates listed vertically, making the perfect index and preventing you from having to add page numbers. The month/day combination in the Yearly Index corresponds to the same month/day in the Weekly Page section. I use the Yearly Index to note down the key item on the Weekly Page that needs to be indexed in order to quickly find the information later.
  2. Even as a bujo’er using a blank notebook (the recommended method for bujo’ing) and setting it up in the traditional fashion, I wouldn’t use the Future Log — at least not as set up by Ryder Carroll. In my TN, I kept a month-at-a-glance insert which was used as my Future Log. It just made sense to keep those items in a preformatted monthly calendar that I could leaf through. Using a monthly calendar layout also provided more space — I had a two-page spread worth of days of the month, rather than 1/3 of a full page for each month. In the Hobonichi, I will combine the Future Log and Monthly Log, using the hobo’s Monthly Pages to record the information.
  3. So I’ve just said that the Monthly Log will go in the Monthly Pages section. It’s the obvious place to put it in the Hobonichi… But what about the tasks for the month that don’t have a specific due date but you have a need or desire to complete them that month (the items that would have been put on the Monthly Task Page)? How do you record those items? Well, I note those items in the note section of the Monthly Page — the first column on the page.
  4. The Daily Log will be put on the Weekly Pages in the Hobonichi, with any detailed corresponding information entered on the corresponding Daily Page. Items due on a particular date are transferred from the Monthly Log (Monthly Pages) into the Daily Log (Weekly Page) along with any other unscheduled items in the month that I want to handle on that particular date.

The Hobonichi has one additional section — Daily Pages. These pages are reserved for my ARTiculated Journaling activities.

Clear as mud, right?

It sounds complex or maybe just confusing, but really it isn’t. If you pause for a moment and think about the Modules that Ryder Carroll delineated in his system, they fit neatly into the preformatted sections of the Hobonichi perfectly, with the exception of the Future Log. In my mind, however, there’s not much difference between the Future Log and the Monthly Log except the Future Log is located in the front of the notebook rather than interspersed throughout the pages. The Monthly Log, however, is interspersed because it isn’t created in a traditional bujo until you get to that month.

Besides, you only end up moving things from the Future Log to the Monthly Log when the month arrives. Then, you have to move the item(s) again when the day of the month arrives. Well, with my hack your Future and Monthly Logs are one in the same, therefore causing you only to have to move items once — from the Monthly Log to the Daily Log…

Next week I hope to post pictures and/or a vlog of my setup. It will help clear up the fuzzy bits for you. I don’t want to post the pictures now because we are still far enough away from January 1st that I may tweak my setup a bit before we get to P-Day (“Planner” Day LOL as opposed to D-Day: Dooms Day).



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