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Week 1 Down…

We are officially in the second week of the new year! How did you fare in week one of your new Hobonichi and your 2017 attempt at bullet journa ling in a hobo?

Me, I’m doing pretty good with bujo’ing in my hobo. I am following the “plan” as described for you in my December 26th post and it is working out really well. I have figured out, however, that I do not like to keep my trackers in my hobo bu’jo. They feel a bit “cluttery” (totally a word! lol) and cumbersome. It makes me feel like I’m am trying to cram EVERYTHING in one space (which in essence is the goal of a “one book”…). I even tried moving them from the Future/Monthly Log to the Daily Log and didn’t like the way they looked there either. I finally ended up moving them out of my Hobo Cousin and into my Hobo English A6 where I am much happier with their look and location. Continue reading “Week 1 Down…”