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Week 1 Down…

We are officially in the second week of the new year! How did you fare in week one of your new Hobonichi and your 2017 attempt at bullet journa ling in a hobo?

Me, I’m doing pretty good with bujo’ing in my hobo. I am following the “plan” as described for you in my December 26th post and it is working out really well. I have figured out, however, that I do not like to keep my trackers in my hobo bu’jo. They feel a bit “cluttery” (totally a word! lol) and cumbersome. It makes me feel like I’m am trying to cram EVERYTHING in one space (which in essence is the goal of a “one book”…). I even tried moving them from the Future/Monthly Log to the Daily Log and didn’t like the way they looked there either. I finally ended up moving them out of my Hobo Cousin and into my Hobo English A6 where I am much happier with their look and location.

This is my Future/Monthly Log to date. I have a few page flag post-it notes because these are dates which aren’t set in stone, but which need to be incorporated into the month. I just need to figure out the best day of the week to do these things regularly… I have marked in two of the classes I am taking this year, which reminds me I need to add the third one in. We have been getting snow over the last couple of days — nothing amounting to anything but nuisance driving, but it snowed just the same. Using my hobo stencil I drew in snowflakes on the last two days we’ve had snow. Birthdays are marked with balloons/hearts and my doctor’s appointment with a stethoscope.

January Future/Monthly Log
January Future/Monthly Log

Here’s a shot of my Daily Log. I have just started filling things in for the week last night. Before the week is done, this page will be full with bullet points that will get completed, partially completed, or moved to a new date. It looks a little lean right now because my work week is filled in dynamically as the work day/week progresses. There are few work tasks that are known ahead of schedule. Makes for a crazy stressful work day/work life but I absolutely love my job! Looking at the picture, I just realized I missed moving my ARTiculated Journaling class from the Future/Monthly Log to Saturday for this week. Must go back and fix that!

Daily Log - January
Daily Log – January

On this page in green, I have “blocked off” my work hours for the week. With my fountain pen in Brown-Pink ink by KWZ, I have written in tasks and/or events that I will need to accomplish this week. In the very first column of the page, the memo column, I have written a task that needs to be done this week but doesn’t yet have a specific due date. It’s something I know I need to get to this week but doesn’t necessarily need to be done by any specific day. Just do it this week kind of thing… That column will always be used for that sort of thing and also to jot any notes that may need to be kept with the week’s Dailies.

Both page spreads have been loved up with some cute stickers to just add a few “eye catchers” to the page. Make it less “work” and more “personal” by adding personal touches and a little more than pen and ink. It brings in an “art” element without all of the trouble of drawing/painting/doodling. I save that work for the Daily Pages in the hobo because that’s where I art journal, doodle, scribble, practice my brush lettering and that sort of thing.

How are you coming along with your bujo in a hobo? I would love feedback on my system and what you are doing differently that works for you!


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