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For Shame!


Because ya know — ya gotta laugh at your Self some times and I’m laughing heartily at me right now. Why? Because I was SO excited for the year to begin so I could begin my Hobonichi Journey. I was bound and determined to use the Cousin and have a one book year. And the year came! And I started out great!! And then I realized: “This will NEVER work!”


Not that it won’t work as bullet journal. That part of it is a breeze. Not that it is too heavy to carry around every day — a complaint of many. I carry 3 Hobos (now), a Stalogy, and a Seven Seas Crossfield every day. Not that it could not function as my “one book” and give me what I’m looking for in that arena. It could not be laid out more perfectly for that.

It is because I absolutely cannot STAND seeing the mixing of work and personal life!

The saddest part of that statement?  It’s because I can’t stand seeing the bullet journaling — the “work” — strewn in between my personal journaling, when I “wax philosophical” (some of you will understand that), when I doodle a picture or take a selfie… It is an intrusion into ME! I give that job 40+ hours of my life each and every week and on the weekends when I’m in my hobo, I end up giving more time to the job because I see some loose end for work that I can quickly take care of.

No. Thank. You!

The madness has to stop here… I cannot give even more time to building someone else’s dreams. What about my own??? And it took me the first quarter of the year to figure it out. I kept using my Cousin and doing all the things I knew I could do in it but I just wasn’t feeling the love. I had to un-commingle “work and play”, “me and the world”…

For Same post photoWhen all was said and done, I ended up with the English A6 and the Weeks too. But you see — I has a plan! LOL And I will share my plan with you for these 3 Hobonichis over the next couple of weeks along with picking up where I left off about bujo’ing in my Hobonichi…

Don’t be discouraged!

I haven’t given up on my Hobonichi and never will. I haven’t given up on the Cousin version, and never will. I simply added 2 additional journals that made me feel good about how I was planning. And that’s what’s most important, right?

That YOU feel GOOD about YOUR system and not try adopting anyone else’s unless it truly works for you. That’s using a personal tool for your personal needs, your way, as it should be.

Hobo Girl aka “The Artist Known As Simply Sumaiyah”…

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Conquering the Blank Page

Many of us are daunted by the blank page. We excitedly open our journals so ready to write and create and then nothing. We don’t know what to write or draw and we fear “messing up” the page…

FEAR can have two meanings:

  • Forget Everything And Run, or
  • Face Everything And Rise

Hobo Girl chooses to Face Everything and Rise, including the blank white page! Continue reading “Conquering the Blank Page”

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To Cover or Not to Cover? That is the Question…

The Hobonichi Techo is not a hardcover book. The cover is, however, stiff cardstock and very durable. Many go without covering their Techo. Many more pour hundreds of dollars into getting just the right cover(s) to complement their book. Covers, as well as Cover-On-Covers, are available through many outlets with the Hobonichi Store being the main source. There are something like 44 different covers available for the Techo Original & Planner alone…

Whether or not to put a cover on your hobo is a personal choice. Continue reading “To Cover or Not to Cover? That is the Question…”

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Hobo Uses

As much as I love love love the Hobonichi, there is one drawback — the possible uses are endless!

I ranted and raved for paragraphs last week about TRP. I discussed the other features of the Techo such as the Yearly Index and Daily Pages. I spoke on how well fountain pens take to the page. However, I never talked about any of the many uses of the Hobonichi Techo. So this week, we talk uses… Continue reading “Hobo Uses”

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Hobonichi Explained…

Soooooooo… What exactly is a Hobonichi anyway?

Glad you asked that question! The Hobonichi Techno is a planner made in Japan which contains the whole year in one book. It comes in several different styles:

  1. The Hobonichi Techo Original, the original Hobonichi Techo written in Japanese and is A6 sized.
  2. The Hobonichi Techo Planner, the English version of the Original Techo, in A6 size.
  3. The Hobonichi Techo Cousin, the A5 sized version of the Hobonichi Original, written in Japanese.
    1. The Hobonichi Techo Cousin Avec, the Hobonichi Cousin broken into 2 separate books spanning six months each.
  4. The Hobonichi Techo Weeks, the smallest Techo – wallet sized, broken down into the 52 weeks of the year.

There is a Techo version available for everyone! Continue reading “Hobonichi Explained…”

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2017 Will Be Hobo Heaven!

I learned about the Hobonichi Techo a couple of years ago but never acted it on it. I fell down the traveler’s notebook rabbit hole instead…

I love traveler’s notebooks. They are the ultimate in flexibility while still being able to have everything in “one book.” The ability to put different types of inserts together into one notebook cover allows you unlimited customization options. The drawback: having to purchase multiple inserts throughout the year as they get filled up. And not only do you have to buy multiples throughout the year, you’ll have to have a storage solution for all of the completed inserts unless you aren’t planning to document your life. Then you can just toss the used inserts.

Thus we have the deal breaker for me… Continue reading “2017 Will Be Hobo Heaven!”